Monday, January 09, 2006

Four Games and a Funeral

Well, two games, but four fit better. This past week has been one I would like to hit the delete button on. An out of town business associate was killed, my sister-in-law's mother passed this weekend, my kitchen caught on fire Thursday and the gas company shut me off today. Ahh... living the American dream.
What gets me through most everything is my humor and my ability to laugh at the irony of things in this crazy world. Now, death, not funny. The kitchen and the gas...well I can get a few jokes out on those. Most of the people I know beat me to the kitchen one, "Was Tricia trying to cook again?". Hey,I can cook!! I don't do it as often as I should and now I have an excuse. Worth the inconvience? Not really.
Concerning the gas, that is a whole other story, but I am convinced they secretly have it out for me. I get charged for gas when I use none and mysteriously no one there can figure out how I get charged 80 bucks a month when I am using zero during the summer. The answer was, sorry, we can't seem to locate the problem. Ummmmm..okay. So, Christmas got me a little behind on the bill. I think they own me a break seeing as I pay them for nothing 6 months out of the year...assholes! ( Okay, actually I have gotten smart and have it turned off for those 6 months now, but that is not the point!)
Stay turned for more later on, "As The Stomach Turns.".


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