Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We are Family.......

My family is amazing. I am refering to the family I grew up with including my mom, dad, one sister and two brothers. If I could not laugh at the things they do, I would surely be commited by now.
My youngest brother plays Canada, so we can actually leave him out, but he does have some interesting ways. Those rare and odd things have been locked in my mind and the key has been thrown out. He is a great guy for the most part, so we need never go to the "top secret" file.
My other brother, I worry about him a lot. We was always such a great guy, but life circumstances has put him in a place that isn't so pretty. The remnants of the good guy still exist, but bitterness has clouded it somewhat, well, maybe a lot.
My sister is the family "hero" and I lovingly (and generally behind her back), refer to her as Gladys Kravits. She always means well I think, and can come in handy when you actually want your stories repeated. It is just in those weak moments when you share more than you wanted to and then realize it will be broadcast at 6pm, that you wanna kick yourself. She would do most anything for anyone, so that helps.
My parents are good people for the most part with one giant flaw. No matter how bad things are for you, they quickly make it clear it is ruining their lives and peace of mind more. If a problem you are having, that is completely devastating your life, keeps them up for five extra minutes at night with worry, they are taking the brunt of it. So, at times when you most need support or compassion, they are busy being totally pissed at you for how it is cramping their style for you to have the problem.
I try not to take anything too personally. It was not always easy, but you learn to expect it all and laugh it off with an exaggerated joke. Like, " My gas was shut off, I have no idea how my parents will manage. I wish there was something I could do for them".
Most observers on the outside will see me as the sanest of the bunch, but in the family order I am the "scapegoat". The one that doesn't do anything quite right. I do not mind holding the roll of "problem child" cause I know it is totally not real and because it is their distraction in life to discuss what is wrong with me and my life so they do not have to sit and examine their own lives too closely. Hey, they are family. I can help 'em out. No problem.
God created friends to make up for our family. Warts and all, I still love them. Once you get that ability to not take it to heart, they really can be quite wonderful in their own special ways. I just inflate the good, deflate the bad and , wow, life goes so much smoother!
Until they find out my electric bill is 5 days late.......


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