Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things That Make Me Happy

My children. Nothing fills a mother with more pride and love than these precious gifts. Paradise is being surrounded by all four at one time and just sharing good times, laughs and lasting memories.

A visit or call from a good friend. We could order lunch, watch a movie, sit and re-evaluate each other's lives, talk about anything or nothing at all and feel totally accepted. Great friends are priceless!

Doing something thoughtful for someone else or being on the receiving end of a kind gesture. Something so small says something so giant, "You are appreciated, remembered and cared for."

Hugs. Is there anything on earth as wonderful as little baby arms wrapped around your neck in a loving embrace?

Puppies. No explanation required.

French vanilla cappuccino. The best way ever to get a shot of caffeine.

The beach. Sunbathing in the warm sun, cooling down in the water, the awesome view, making sand castles and giggling at the guy in the speedo, is there anyplace more perfect?

A good cry. When all the stresses of the world overwhelm you and it is everything and nothing in particular causing it, those cries are the most cleansing and necessary to carry on.

Making love. Sure, some desire driven porno sex can be just what you need at times, but nothing is better than those moments when it is all about connecting souls intimately.

Bubble baths. Relaxing music playing, scented candles burning and steam filling the room make for the perfect stress reliever.

Frozen margaritas. The most enjoyable and tasty way to catch a buzz, just wasting away in Margaritaville.

Moments. As you get older and actually realize a special moment as it is happening. Those moments when you are so deeply touched and totally know this will be something unforgetable.


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