Friday, January 13, 2006

The Many Faces of a Hormonal Teen.

There is a time you think nothing is worse then dealing with your own PMS, til you have to start dealing with it at the exact same time another member of the house is too. A few days of each month we again, welcome, spazz fest. My annoyance level is high and her emotional mood swing nightmare is rocketing out of control.

I was about to run the vacuum as Cassie is walking down the steps. (She is home for cramping and period related misery). I see that by her foot there is something on the floor big enough to possibly hurt the vacuum, but small enough that I cannot exactly identify it. I ask her to reach down and pick it up. BIG MISTAKE!

She, who has been in bed for 5 hours watching television, falls to the floor in an excruciating long whine, "GEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEE, I have to do EVERYTHING!!!". This is followed by actual crying and more whiny mumble that I could not make out. I think it had to do with the once a week slave labor of being asked to clean her room.

For an average of three days a month, we no longer communiate at a comfortable decibel level. The vicious cycle usually begins with me speaking, her freaking out, me telling her to calm down, and then we reach total and complete chaos. (Cause she doesn't calm down, only gets louder and more intolerable).

I can't say too much though, as it has taken me about 20 years to handle PMS in a way were as few people get hurt as humanly possible. I even give "fair warning". Can I help it if people do not listen and must be made to pay with more attitude, more bitching and more insanity. Typical PMS conversation with Bob.........

Me: "Hufffffffff, hmmmmmmmm, sigh"

Bob: What is it NOW?

Me "That NOISE you're making!"

Bob: "What noise? Breathing??"

Me: "Yeah, that one. Could you stop that?? NOW??!!"

Almost makes me have sympathy for the guy.....



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