Saturday, March 11, 2006

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder or Just Whacked?

This is a screening I found after a friend told me to look for a questionaire/screening thingy at www. I Can't on ADD...which we were both convinced we have at this point...

You experience more than 10 points on this adult ADD self symptom test,
Attention Deficit Disorder is likely present.

An internal sense of anxiety (Hell YEAH!! "Hell yeah" to first symptom on a disorder screening is always encouraging)

Impulsive spending habits (I would say no, but if I had a lot of money, I could easily change that answer not only impulsively, but with a crazy quickness)

Frequent distractions during sex (Hard to tell since I rarely have it, but I am usually not distracted in those two minutes)

Frequently misplace the car keys, your purse or wallet or other day-to-day items (Gulp...Why is that NOT normal???)

Lack of attention to detail (Would skipping this question count?)

Family history of ADD, learning problems, mood disorders or substance abuse problems (Is miserable a mood disorder?)

Trouble following the proper channels or chain of commands (No, not at all...I just have trouble following rules and have issues with being told what to do. Okay, yes)

An attitude of "read the directions when all else fails" (If it contains less than 20 parts, yes. More, no.)

Frequent traffic violations ( Shockingly, no)

Impulsive job changes (No, and I totally mean that)

Trouble maintaining an organized work and/or home environment ( I really wanna say no, but my work desk and house say, "Yes, Yes, Ohhhhhhh, Yes!!!"

Chronically late or always in a hurry (Alright, yes. I'll admit that one.)

Frequently overwhelmed by tasks of daily living (Yes..I'm failing ,huh?)

Poor financial management and frequent late bills (No and Yes,in that order)

Procrastination (Let me get back to ya on this one)

Spending excessive time at work due to inefficiencies (Does putting off work and then having to catch up at 1am count?)

Inconsistent work performance (That is a tough one to answer with my job....I'll give it a sometimes)

Sense of underachievement (Every waking moment of my life)

Frequent mood swings (I think I am a fairly even person, but the people that have to live with me would certainly disagree)

Trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships (Again, No and Yes, in that order)

A need to seek high stimulation activities ( there hope for me yet??)

Tendency toward exaggerated outbursts (Not usuallybut...... 3 days a month, no doubt)

Transposing numbers, letters, words (liek, may6be some8times)

Tendency toward being argumentative (Only with Bob and I totally blame, no)

Addictive personality toward food, alcohol, drugs, work and/or gambling. ( I smoke, but the rest, definitely not)

Tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly (Can you say "hit the nail on the head"?)

“Thin-skinned” - having quick or exaggerated responses to real or imagined slights. (On occasion, yes, but again I blame others)

Okay, so does this prove something? Probably not, since you have to rule out 20 other things it could be...and I have like 19 of them. Not really, but I do suffer from excessive worry and anxiousness and that might be what causes this ADD screening to appear positive. Hell, who am I kidding, I have always been this way, but is it to the point of a disorder? It seems in today's world everything is a disorder. They will soon come out with a disorder for people that have none..maybe they could call is Disorder disorder.

I am going with the "or just whacked". It is all inclusive and fits me much better.


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