Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Birthday Weekend.

Friday, I wrote about. Friday sucked. Friday, the actual day of my birthday, doesn't count.

Saturday we help the SIL move out. If move out means leaving 500 pounds of garbage on the back patio and another 500 scattered throughout the house....but we are slowing getting there. Very slowly.

At 7pm, some good friends stopped by with a cake and some fun presents, we cracked open some bud lights and played chandeliers. I will not go into full detail but some of the highlights included dancing on chairs, awesome music, feathered boa, beads, hours of giggling and enough memories to tell stories for years to come. The party for me ended at 2 am when I went upstairs to "pee" and never returned because "that bed looked so comfy", plop, and snoooooooooooze.

Sunday, or "hangover day", I had to pull my shit together for round two at my sis's for the G-rated family bash. My nephew and I shared the birthday honors. Had another great time with lots of laughs and.....more presents. I usually raise a fuss about getting presents, because I am older and it seems silly to have people waste their money on things for me, especially since my attitude carries over and I rarely do the present thing with others. But. I have to say the little thoughtful gifts that people got me were the perfect balence of things I like and things that did not make me feel totally guilty. It was nice.

I hope to have pictures soon to share. They should be quite entertaining and possibly embarrassing, like all good pictures should be.
All in all, it was a great time and just what I needed after a way too long, too stressful and too serious week.


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