Saturday, February 11, 2006

Big Hair '96 and '97.

I was helping my sis-in law clear out some stuff from my soon to be, new house when I found some very incriminating evidence of me carrying on not just big, but GIANT, HUGE, 80's hair way after its time. Someone forgot to tell me if was 1996 and not 1986 here..............

The scary thing is the previous year (1995) it was starting to lose some of its 80's appearance with just the medium poofy do.

I regressed that year, but had it almost, in its full 80's slendor again for Christmas 1997........ though it did start to flatten quite a bit by about quarter til drunk.

I also think the out of style by then, shoulder pads were a nice touch.

Even Bob had a big hair obsession for a brief period.

The top picture is the stuff torture is made out of, so I have put it out there before it can be used against me. Just cause I am smart like that and always thinking. I never claimed to be thinking straight, cause I cannot figure out what the hell I was thinking that day.


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