Friday, February 03, 2006

Life Without Football Soon

Tonight "mon prince" has his football banquet and Sunday marks the end of another season. I love my Steelers, but I am more than ready to have weekends revolve around non-TV watching activities.

Of course, from past experience, I realize that now instead of a game, Bob will be watching the history channel all the time. And he will be able to get in his full 40 hours of CNN every week again too. On my list of top 100 things that I could actually sit through on TV, neither makes the I am pretty much doomed to a bad mood for infinity.

We are completely annoyed with one another, mostly cause I am the only one that can do anything right. Which is annoying both because I have to do it all and because seeing him sit on his ass while I do it all makes me ever so cranky.

He has a list of "things" he cannot do, either because he sucks at it or because he is just incapable. It covers most every task known to man. He can't paint, write a check, figure out any minute problem, use logic or reasoning, or ever succeed at a very small and doable task. I can't count on him to pick something up at the store, it is ALWAYS wrong or even to go to a drive-thru window and expect to get anything remotely close to what I requested.

He did clean out the basement to a large extend. It didn't take a lot of brain power. He rented a dumpster, threw everything into it and called it finished. I will be reminded of this task for at least the next year anytime I ask for any help at all.. "Jesus! I cleared the whole basement (three weeks ago), I'm tired TOO!!". Yeah....okay.

So, with the end of football we enter "the end of any program we can agree on til next season" phase. We do occasionally find an hour a week where we both are interested in the same show, so there is always that to look forward to....sigh.

I will be taking a break from my first quarter of 2006 bitchfest for the Superbowl, which will require a lot of alcohol and some deep breathing exercises. Maybe I will find time to post before the game between making all the food, cleaning the entire house and solving world hunger.

Go Steelers!!!!


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