Thursday, January 19, 2006

Toddler Timeout!!!

Yes, she is loads of fun and entertainment. I'll give her that, but when you want to get any project completed at all, she is up your butt with demands.

Trying to move is no picnic. You have to go through every closet, drawer, and every other inch of your home to start getting rid of things you no longer need or want to lug to the next house. It is also a time to fix those little knicks in the wall, repaint rooms and get it ready for the market.

All this is a job in itself and I am seriously trying each day to pick a room and get it "moving ready", but I do not have five to ten straight minutes of work before she senses I am not completely and entirely devoted to her. So, she requests different things to eat and drink. First a "SAMich", then "a dink ah juice", next she wants "fishy cackers". Food is not the only way she tries to get you away from something that is not all about her.

She is new with the whole potty thing, so she runs to restroom yelling, "Mommy!!!! I pee! I poopies!!", every 20 minute or so. Then she demands to watch specific episodes of Dora that I do not have access to for her. She has several Dora tapes and it is on plenty of times throughout the day, but she doesn't want those!! No,no, no!! She wants "Dora, star in pocket!!". Whatever the hell that is!! The only thing I know for sure is no Dora, but "Dora, stars in pocket" is going to do!

So, here I stand in my dining room surrounded by extra large trash bags. In one corner we have the "good clothes to go to friend's kids" section, the goodwill section, the "even the homeless should not attempt to wear this rag" garbage pile and a table covered in the yet to be sorted. When I do not give in to her demands immediately, she becomes a helper by taking everything out of the bags so my work is not only never finished, but restarted.

I cannot even think of attempting to paint with the little princess running the castle and everyone in it. Her latest way to distract me this afternoon is saying "Get my presents, I want my presents!!". Umm...what presents?? Is this some kind of Christmas morning flashback and more importantly, is it treatable??

What should take us about a week or two, will undoubtably take us a month or more at this pace. I had more to say, but I have been ordered to "Put my shoes on now!!!" as she stands in the dining room with a snowsuit on and dora slippers. Hmmm, we must be going somewhere............


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