Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here We Go!! Oh Oh Oh!! **static** We Have No Driveway.

Look out Superbowl we come!

The game today was much less stressful than last week and the guys are playing as good as ever! I am fortunate to live with a family of Steeler fans, minus one. Ryan was, is, and always will be a Dallas fan, though I have tried to convert him every season with no success.

He called on his way back to college after spending the day at a friend's house, just outside of Pittsburgh. He has come to the conculsion that every place is better than where we live, as he travels from one teammate's house to another. They also serve "shrimp already peeled", have large driveways, never park on the street and have beautiful landscaping, according to him. Umm..I have served that, it must be more noticable or better tasting in a mansion with a driveway and beautiful landscaping.

Nothing like a good dose of "we live in a depressed area where they advertise high paying jobs at $8.50 an hour" during the high of the win. People live to rain on my parade!!

I would have liked to live in a richer, more promising place. For raising the kids, I just think the small town thing has its advantages too. Ryan was a hometown hero here. Don't ever be ashamed of or piss on the town that worshipped you!! We done raised ya betta than dat,my boy.

We could make much higher wages, have much more debt and headaches, and pay $500,000.00 for a home that in these here parts would cost $120,00.00 We could work at the make-up counter at some department store in a booming metropolis and make 15 an hour,while paying $1200.00 a month for an efficency apartment. But why???

We live 40 miles from the city that will play in the Superbowl in two weeks (had to get that in!), we make a middle class income and struggle just like some of the rich, and we pay way less for everything. We adore our kids, spend time with families, strive for more, go into debt and don't have to impress people with our possessions. I know the name of most every kid in my children's classes and the whole town turns out for a friday night football game. I really can't complain too much.

Sure, I wish wages were higher here, but only if everything else would stay the same, and that is just not the way it works. So you take the good with the bad and you look for the things that truly make you happy, such as, "Pittsburgh's goin' to the Superbowl. Here we go, oh oh oh................"


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