Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo

It was an interesting weekend. Friday, we had a unexpected party that lasted til 5a.m.. Five hours later I was getting ready to go to the mall to get my stove and other items I need to get the house in order for selling. Sunday (today) we celebrated Ryan's birthday with a lebanese feast. My mom brought me a gift of premixed Jose Cuervo. WOOO HOOO!

Inbetween all that I painted the kitchen, threw away another ten tons of crap and did a lot of cleaning. Tomorrow they redo the kitchen and paint the ceilings all through the downstairs, thus making a very stressed out me, have to tolerate the intrusion. God, I'm soooooooo tired!!

Lots of other stressing things happened throughout the already fun-filled and busy weekend that I am not willing to discuss until I gain some distance and actually find some humor in the horror. So, (yawn) I'm off to finish up some paperwork and crash.

Oh, and speaking of crash......crazy weather junk happening too. We are having more thunder and lightening storms in January than we had in July. For Ohio, mighty strange. I wish it to stop now, cause the weird weather is just adding more stress to my already overwhelmed state.

Wish me luck, peace and a vacation. ( yeah , right) Wow, I may even be getting delusional.

Oh, and for your entertainment, here is a little thing I wrote to my arch nemisis, when I previously had too much time on my hands, a while back. Proof that it can be a dangerous thing. (Warning- bad words to follow).

Ode to Pop-up Messages

You think you are so clever
Making surfing worse than ever.
You make my IM's stall
You are not so smart at all.
I will never click your stupid ad
All you do is make me mad.
You fill my processes with iexplore
Your nothing but a dirty whore.
On Adaware, I have 153
Problems with my registry.
You multiply when I hit any key
Critically low is my virtual memory.
My patience is wearing thin
No matter what I run, you win.
Peaceful internet is all I seek
Your creator is a sexless geek.
I don't need a penis enhancer
Nor want to see a topless dancer.
My weight is fine, I want nothing free
I am not filling out forms for a plasma TV.
As for search engines I will not switch
Just leave me alone, you freakin' bitch.
So, there it is, I had my say
Now kiss my ass and go away!


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