Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mood Swingin'

Okay, don't hold me to this, but for some reason today, I am in fairly good mood. Which isn't too strange for most people, but I should have PMS right now!! Could this be the calm before the storm? Should my friends and family brace themselves for what could happen?? Maybe.

I did get a lot of stress out yesterday. I got to yell at the people from Dell, several of them, no less. Taking out bottled emotional stress on perfect strangers always helps with pent up frustrations. Plus you can't get a rise out of those people from India or Pakistan, or wherever the hell they answer those calls. They are trained well to be firm and monotone. I guess they would have to be since 99.9% of the calls they get are from angry Americans like me that have a computer that is f***ed up or a missing rebate check. Hell, if you were calling for a friendly reason, you would be pissed by the time you went through the 30 minutes of press this and press that anyway. They sooooooooo deserve it all.

I also used the "Dell approach" on a person that was draining me constantly with their issues, earilier in the day. It was quite effective, I must admit. I guess using a firm, matter of fact, back off attitude was just the thing to gain a bit of peace, at least for the rest of that afternoon.

I'm always so suggestable to everyone else's bad moods. It is like I absorb it like a sponge. I really have to work on holding strong on my own mood and not inviting everyone else's in for coffee and donuts. Easier said, than done. Definitely worth a try.


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