Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Wonderful Surprise, for a Change.

After weeks of stressing about how I could possibly afford new flooring throughout the new house, I decided to put up a corner of carpet in one of the bedrooms. I was preivously told it was just some type of plywood and would definitely need to be covered with the something after I got rid of all the old carpet.

I starting pulling up the one end in the far corner of Brooke's room when very nice, in good shape, hardwood started to appear. Not the hardwood in an older house type hardwood, but very nice, not stained as dark as hell, wonderful hardwood!!

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. I wondered if I could be so lucky to have it be throughout the entire house. I opened closet doors , went to corners of each room and starting pulling up carpet to uncover.....more excellent hardwood!!

I was planning on having hardwood laminate installed in both my bedroom and the living room which would have cost quite a bit, but now I don't have to do that!! It will require some sanding possibly, as I haven't taken up all carpet to see if finish might be uneven yet, but I am still thrilled at the discovery and the original hardwood looking as great as it does. ( doing a happy dance)

For Brooke's room I will have to buy a regular carpet, but will have it cut to a square, have the edges done and lay it over the hardwood. A toddler needs the cushion of plush, plus they spend an incredible amount of time playing on the floor, rolling around on the floor, doing tumbles on the floor, diving off furniture onto the floor and tantruming, also, on the floor. Hardwood would not be a good surface for such activities.

I might be a little too excited about all this, but, damn, with all the bad news I have gotten lately, a little good news in worth the major celebration! Let me have my moment before I find another moneypit problem elsewhere in the house.

Until then, all is good.


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