Monday, February 13, 2006

Attack of the Big Belly.

I was blaming my period and all the bloating for my unusually round belly. I have had four kids, so I generally battle the little bulge that sticks out over your jeans. Old-fashion "mom jeans" used to hide that "pinch an inch" quite nicely, but now we have the lowrise and the ultra lowrise, which lets it all hang out. I mean ALL, remember back in the ol' days when the only ass crack you saw was the plumber's? Now, it is commonplace to see people bend over pushin' crack everyday.

But, back to my belly. The period is winding down and the belly isn't. Could it be the steady diet of fast food during the kitchen remodel has taken a major toll on my waist? I fear it is true and a diet may be in order. I seem to battle the same 15 pounds over and over. Once or twice a year things get just a bit too tight and I cut back a few weeks til I feel a bit more comfortable in my clothes again. Success is when I no longer unbutton my jeans after eating.

As you age, that weight does not want to go away. What used to be a week or two of eating less becomes a month or two of hard work. Luckily, I am not an over-eater, just a bad eater. During stressful times, I make bad food choices. After the last few weeks, I should weigh about 350!!

Bob is a terrible yo-yo dieter. He over eats til he is 30 to 50lbs overweight. When he reaches his limit and starts deciding he is really getting fat, he then goes on the no carb diet and drops 40lbs in a month or two, feels like shit, has terrible mood swings and drives everyone crazy. He does lose the weight though. I have some before and after shots and they are quite amazing and dramatic.


and after.....

The transformation is amazing, he almost looks like a different person.

So, time for me to start eating healthy again. Good-bye chips, popcorn, hershey bars, wendy's, pizza, club sandwiches until we meet again in 10-15 pounds. Sniff, sniff...............


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