Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Oh, and what a lovely birthday it has been so far!

Let's start at 1230am when my tired body could take no more and fell into a peaceful and much needed sleep. Fast forward to sometime between 4-430am when violent, noisy winds forced my front door open and woke me up. The new lock is not working, so wind blew between storm door and front door causing a build up of pressure that forced both doors open every 5-6minutes until about 630am.

At a little before seven, I realized that the job of closing the door and NOT getting any sleep appeared to be completed. I needed about 6 more hours.( I can dream) I cuddled up with my cozy down comforter and was out.......for about 40 minutes when Brooke, who NORMALLY sleeps until 9ish, was standing at the bottom of the steps screaming, "MOMMY, GET UP!!!!!!!".

I did get up, though most of the morning was a blur. She did put her swimsuit on and ask to go swimming....AGAIN, just as she has the last four days. If there was a nearby pond, I may have broken the ice and let her do it, just to make her stop asking! I just couldn't handle the stress of the ER and explaining the frost bite and swimming suit.

Then sis-in-law, who will now be refered to as SIL from HELL, busted in ranting and raving. Her face was messed up from a bar fight the night before, she was heading to the bar again, which she just left to try and find "the guy with the truck who said she could borrow it". The big move is tomorrow and yet she can't seem to get it all ready cause it is hard to pack from a beer joint, I guess. When I mention this, she assures me that there isn't really that much left to do. (Since I did 80% of it,thus far) I beg to differ and see about 20 hours of clearing left. She then starts making calls, one ending in four letters words, flinging the phone across the table and then announcing she is going to go drive her car into the river............. she says her dramtic good-byes and I let her run out without protest.

Two hours later, she is on the phone all happy-like because she found, "the guy with the truck who said she could borrow it". Maybe he was fishing on the banks of the Ohio and she spotted him right before she took the plunge or maybe she went straight to the bar and found him, either way she was fine with it all. She then informs me that her plan to move most of it tonight will not take place, cause, you know, she has, like, all day tomorrow and well, she needs a beer, it has been a stressful day.

On the bright side, I did hear from my wonderful friends. They wished me a happy birthday and let me vent. I also got a card from my friend in Georgia with a cute picture and an e-card from my number one sounding board. I just hope when it is all over, this move and the SIL from HELL stuff, that they will all still be around for me to share some much happier times!!!! So, raise your glasses, a toast to me and great times to come and please, please, let them hurry up and get here!!!


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