Monday, February 27, 2006


I am so tired from working at the new house all weekend, and several evenings before that, I fear my body will never stop hurting. I did manage to get some help from my mom and my wonderful friend. She ever bought me a ladder!! It sure helps with ceilings, because prior to that I was using a folding chair with arms stretched up as far as they could go to reach the crud left on ceilings from a heavy smoker.

We used enough cleaners and chemicals to not only rid the place of the film, but to make it nearly impossible to breath, which should air out soon. I will have to rinse the walls with some warm water before painting, but at least I know all the 'pre-us" dirt is washed away.

I think I overdid it this weekend because shoulders-sore, back-aching, mind-overwhelmed, body-exhausted and energy-vanished. A big part of me wants to take a break for a few days, actually NEEDS to take a break for a few days, so it will be a battle between trying to do what I should and trying to stay away from a project unfinished.

The worst part about spending endless hours working on the new house is that everything still needs to get done in current house. Laundry piling up, cleaning to be done and even my family has the nerve to want things like food in cupboards and dinner made. Geeshhhhhhhhhh.

On a sad note, my husband's sister passed yesterday after battling a chronic illness. She will be missed, but her suffering has finally ended, for that I am relieved.

Now, I must go find a cozy blankie to wrap up in cause being tired sucks enough, being cold and tired is just way too much........brrrrrrr.


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