Monday, March 06, 2006

Awaiting the Call.

So, the potential buyers of my house came on Saturday at 10am. They looked around and spoke of being extremely interested. One member of the family was ready to "set it up now, let's make a deal". We decided on them going home and putting together an offer, then getting back to me soon. It is the talking it over that has me worried, cause I haven't heard from them since.

I'm letting my concerns take me over. I feel like a teenager that went on a first date with a guy I was really into big time. After the get-together, you are all on top of the world. "It went great, seemed like a perfect match.". Then by morning you are wondering if you did something wrong, said something wrong, or if you acted like a complete loser. He hasn't called back by the next evening. Fear sets in. Friends call for the details, your excitement has turned into a two hour conversation that includes picking apart the whole evening and getting opinions on what he meant by saying this and you discuss the encouraging points, while your friends tells you he must be really busy or something, cause he is soooooo going to call.

Two days later you are still waiting. Now you are convince it is a lost cause. Or maybe a mind game, yeah, that's it. They are trying to act NOT so interested, just incase you aren't really that interested. That must be it. You wait some more, you go over in your head a million times how you will act on your next run-in with the person. Will they act like nothing happened, not even speak, be nice as though they are not totally knowing that waiting for the call is drivng you MAD!!!!!!!!

Yes, those sneaky buyers are playing a head game with me. Like, "Yeah, your house is okayyyyyyyyyy, but I'm in no hurry to make a commitment. I just got over a purchasing heartbreak, I'm not sure I am ready yet for this. I don't want this to be a rebound thing.".

Well, I know how to counteract that. When a boy doesn't call back, in a timely manner, the only retaliation is to have him see you with another boy, really enjoying yourself. I'll start hanging out with other buyers and flaunt them in front of them when they drive by, like "Hey, I don't need you. There are swarms of interested parties, so ....whatever."

I need a mind vacation badly. Since that isn't going to happen, I must do the only thing left to do...obsess, worry and pout til I get the call back. And they better not even think of breaking this thing off without telling me first! They do not even want me to start calling their number and hanging up every thirty minutes!


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