Friday, October 13, 2006

House of Blues

I have been kind of working at the house and kind of avoiding it, because it seems really cruel that I had to clean it, paint it, shampoo the carpets, etc just seven short months ago. Also, at that time, I was cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the house we were moving into cause, damn, it needed a good cleaning and painting and updating.

Yet, here I am, having to deal with this house again, a house with, what seems like 7 years worth of filth and stink. The doggie odors are ever present but still fading slightly as I try different products. Right now I have odor absorbing crystals all over the basement floor. I keep imagining that I will walk downstairs and the small crystals will be as big as golf balls with all that stench.

The painting is close to be finished and then we will move on to fixing little issues here and there and hopefully, (I say this as though it could actually happen) it will sell and I will finally be out from under this house of horrors. I , so, sooooooooooo, need something good to happen, cause otherwise, I may start really believing it never does where I am concerned.

I never heard anything about the job I tested for a week or so ago and I sort of get the feeling when I hear it will be a nice little rejection letter in the mailbox.

This is my new approach. I usually think with possibility, as though it could happen. I am always wrong. Maybe if I think the house will never sell and the job is not mine that I will be wrong again. Highly doubtful, but worth a try.

Tonight is the homecoming game and Kelly is on the court, so I will be spending most of my weekend taking pictures. It will start at the high school tonight and end sometime tomorrow night as they drive off to dinner. Ryan also plays at 2pm in Washington, or should I say "not plays", so I will probably have to skip that game because shooting photos of Travis and Kelly would be so much better for me than shooting coaches. Well, at least in the long run.


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