Monday, September 25, 2006

E-mailing Tourettes

Well, Ryan is still not playing at Washington and Jefferson College as was promised in many kiss up attempts by several coaches during the recruiting process and during the past year.

The first week he was told that he and the other QB would take two series each. He got one series after the 2 from the other QB, that got to start, btw, and then he got in there, scored a TD on a QB keeper and was never put back in. Even after the other guy threw TWO interceptions. Hmmmmm.

Next game they tell him he is definitely "starting" and that they will probably, again, rotate a bit, but he will get most of the game. He not only DOESN'T start, he gets about 3 minutes total playing time, with two of those minutes being the last drive of the game.

The next week the coach has a meeting with the two QBs and says, "This is what we are going to do, you guys will bring in the plays and rotate each and every play". Ryan rotates in the first series, then is taken out for the rest of the game.

Last week Ryan did not show up at Monday films and was pretty broken about being lied to, not being given an opportunity no matter how well he has performed in his limited plays thus far and just tired of the whole business. A new coach IMs hims to see what the issue is and encourages Ryan to talk to the head coach. Ryan does, he does NOT quit the team and is told he cannot promise how much time either will get, but stay with us and blah, blah, blah. This past Saturday, we learned how much time he got...ZERO, NIL ,NOTTA, NOTHING!

So, after each of these games, I cannot help myself.... I write letters to the coaching staff like like some crazy ass, stage mom. I do not curse or name call, though one of the coaches I dislike is a fat bastard piece of shit and the other is a fungus growing in a dumpster, I still maintain class while expressing my displeasure with the outcome...just little sentences, made with limited restaint, show my unhappiness in a pretty clear way.

They do not respond, they do not acknowledge said e-mails and they do not change anything because of them. I did get to talk to one of the coaches and he was all "Yeah, we think he is about ready to start., we are just working on a few drops..." and then smiles and gives me a thumbs up, like all is well and all the while I am thinking about where he can stick that thumb!

It does not matter how old your baby is, whether he is 8 months or 19 years old, when someone wrongs your baby, you get PISSED! Especially when they talk your baby into giving up several full rides to attend their far more superior college that costs 37,000 a year, 15,000 a year that you will take on in debt after all the grants and fake aid they come up with to get you to commit. Cause he is soooooooooo going to get the greatest job ever as a graduate of this college and those icky state degrees are just not worth the paper they are printed on......and here he is guarenteed three years of being the starting QB and those D1 schools prolly just want him for the scout team cause he is so athletic and he may never really start, but here, yes, here, he will be an all-american three years running, no doubt and pick us..PICK US!!!!! The moon and stars?? Okay, we will give him that to, just PICK US!!!

He was told he was the most aggressively recruited player for then ever and then we meet the other QB's parents who tell us the tale of their son being the most aggressively recruited player ever and then we see the parents of an incoming freshman who say they are so excited for their son and they really wanted him cause they said he was the most aggressively recruited player ever!! OMG, get a new line, parents talk, fat bastard!!

And so now I sit on Monday thinking I am done with this crap, I am not going to say another word to those idiots and then Saturday will come, they will make him feel bad again, leave him on the sidelines, and my disease will once again take hold and the e-mail tourettes will likely show up again on Sunday..............

Well, I am getting so fired up, the disease could worsen and I might say shit.....or damn...or hell....or FAT BASTARD!!!!

I need an intervention.


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