Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Doomsters

I feel like being close to me must certainly be a burden. I am either talking about cleaning up after a disaster or freshly entering one. My poor friends are, all, it will work out, see it is working out now, and then, OMG, When did THAT happen???? It might be funny if was not so, well, not funny at times.

Anyway, the tradition continues with Cassie. It is a curse, I tell ya! She has these two crazy girls that pick on her constantly, call our home, write mean things to her whenever she pops online and one of of them made a really bad myspace pretending to be her. So, being the parents that do not want to run to the school with issues that are not happening in school, we offered her several ways to deal with it and we carry on. Then, last week one of the girls brought her mom in to school complaining about Cassie bothering HER daughter and then the other one did it today. Cassie is all in shock and the school called to tell me that they have a feeling these two girls "may be lying and tend to be trouble makers". No, really???

It is striking Ryan as well. His football career at the place that promised him everything under the sun has turned on a dime and regardless of how well he plays, they take him out and treat him all third class, second string-like. He also just seems to be stuck between pure shock and WTF??

I hate that we passed this strange curse to our offspring. Like me, they get into this attitude of "it will all work out", "no biggie" and "we'll get through it, we always do". Our life sort of follows "every silver lining has a black cloud" instead of vice versa.

It is like during tax return time. We get all happy we have a few extra dollars, then the cars breaks down, a water pipe busts, and we get some crazy gas bill. We look at our account go back to nothing and say, "Well at least we had the money to take care of it, I guess". But lately, I am seeing another side of positive. The side that does not F'in exist!!! The side that hasn't done shit for me!!! The side that can Pollyanna my ass!!

Oh, well. I'm sure it will all work out in the end. That is better than the alternative,I guess. (defeated sigh).

The BB finale is tonight. Seeing Kaysar will make it all better, if only for an hour. Or I could end up pissed, like ever year, that it is only an hour long and I am so wrapped up in what happens to these freakin' weirdos that I get mad that they leave me hanging with major lack of information!!


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