Sunday, August 20, 2006

Are Ya Ready for Some Football........

Ryan had his scrimmage last night and though I keep saying that I was not into football this year, I saw him suit up, take the field and there I was, all into it and cheering like a freak.

He is competing with another for the starting QB job and it was tense, as I crossed my fingers for him and listened to Bob whisper, "Throw an interception" when the other QB was out there. I had to explain the finer points of karma to Bob and he stopped that.

It rained on and off and when the lightening started they left the field, came back out when it stopped, left the field when it started again and came back out and then, mother nature made her point once more, in a violent way, and they went back in again after only playing half the game. The other QB threw two interceptions and never moved his offense to a score. Ryan threw zero interceptions and put his mark on the board. A QB keeper, he weaved his way into the endzone. SCORE!!

On a sadder note, the Steelers lost and I completely blame myself. I did not get to watch it,of course, because the prince was playing.

I only have so much power and karma to give and I just could not be there for 'em when the cutest kid on the whole team was out there applying for the big job.

When we were leaving to take Ryan out to eat, my parents pulled up beside us and my Dad said meet us at the same place we were already going for dinner! Yikes. No speak for two plus weeks with his passenger and, so as not to break the standoff, we all had pleasant conversation with everyone at the table, except each other.

Weird stuff, but the scallops were to die for!


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