Thursday, August 03, 2006

Big Brother

I miss my live feeds, that for some reason, I am getting for free. I actually bought then last season when, somewhere in the middle of the show, I got way too obsessed. I promised myself that this year, I would not be so lame, so desperate for entertainment and so weird as to actually purchase them again. I happen to goggle "Big Brother 7" to just get some feed info, cause the show is so edited WRONG, and a site comes up with the live feeds in a litttle, side window. There they were in the backyard hanging out.

I read futher down and it said that you will only be able to see the feeds if you have purchased them, which I did not. Maybe they forgot to turn me off from last year, I have no idea, but there I was watching them again. The live chat and stuff doesn't work for me, but I have video and I have sound and, with the lack of anything else good on TV, I was hooked once more. In a way less obsessed way, but hooked, nonetheless.

It doesn't help that I have two other obsessees in my life. We have a little get together at least once a week to watch the show and, if not together for an airing, we call immediately following to say things that begin with "omg, could you believe..., I so hate..., and I loved when.... With my slow dial-up I can only read the update boards and am without my feeds and , geeze, it just is not the same and, damn, when did my life get so boring that this feels like so much fun??!!

Anyway, eviction tonight and new HOH competition!!!! Woohoo!!! I hope the 6ers win again and nobody better mess with Janie, Howie or MY Kaysar!! The Jedi force is strong with them....

Dear, God...... I need an intervention.......


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