Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Check up

Miss Brooke had her 3 year check up 5 months late because it was required before she started pre-school tomorrow. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

She in the 97th percentile for height. Is there any limits to what my genes can do??? They produce tall girls in spite of a dad with near dwarfism, they had to take most of the burden on intelligence and all those good looking children did not take after daddy! (Poor Bob, the PMS force is strong with me). Unfortunately, as good as they have done in those ways, they are also to blame for several neurosis type behaviors as well. But being a bit weird is perfectly acceptable if you are also realy cute.

Brooke was really good at her appointment and pointed to pictures of houses and circles and did her job well in making us look good. I forgot that giant feeling of pride when the doc is all looking at this little human, checking charts, looking in ears, eyes and mouth, and making you feel like, damn, she is perfect! Good job, parents! She looked so cute too in that little Cat in the Hat paper, noisy robe thingy. She liked that robe so much she ordered us to bring it home and Bob, knowing the consequences of not following orders (I credit myself for that one) promptly folded it up neatly and stuck it under his arm.

By the way, I never mentioned that I did get the dog back that day. I found it hiding from me on the porch of that place it always goes. I yelled for her, she not only ignored me, but tried to look invisible by ducking down and backing behind a pillar. I left, hurt from the rejection and sent Travis to fetch her. I felt maybe we were just not the home for her if she was so into those other people, but then she got loose a few days later and just ran to the front of the house, I walked out and she ran up to me all playful like and wagging her tail. It made me feel better Better as in "HA!!!! I win!!".

The land contractee and I had a long talk, that consisted mostly of me talking, well yelling, and she is supposed to get the money right to me this afternoon. Since 99.9 percent of what she says never happens, I am not holding my breath. I am ready for round two though. She ruins my finances, but she ain't so bad during PMS, the aggression I was able to unload was very satsifying and offered Bob the rare opportunity to not be the number one target for a few hours.

I think it is safe to say, he secretly thanks her too.


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