Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Travis and Kelly will celebrate their three year anniversary on Monday. It all started with a homecoming date and has grown into a three year relationship, that baffles me on a daily basis.

They like each other still and they never seem to fight or go through the drama of relationships I remember when I was 15-18 years old. They trust one another, do things together, do things with their friends and everything is in beautiful balence.

I don't get it.

By the three year mark, should there not be those little things that annoy you so bad you want to stick needles in your own eye? Shouldn't they be comfortable enough with each other by now to take out all anger and bad moods on one another even when the other has nothing to do with it? Should they not be blaming each other for junk going wrong in their own life by now. The maturity of it all is just too much for me...can this possibly be a way of life in the real world? Could something like this last????

Now, Cassie and Skylar, this is a relationship that I get. Though it is a best friend thing and not a couple thing, they do the things I better understand. They stick up for one another with fierce loyalty, yet they come down on one another harder than anyone else. They get mad at one another and lash out with mean words and will stop speaking briefly, but come back closer than ever when it is all said and done. They share everything and then occasionally throw those things right back into the face of the confessor.

Their freindship started when Cassie was maybe four years old, that makes ten years and many marriages don't last that long. This is the friend she talked to about every phase of growing up from dreaming of being a singer at eight years old to dreaming of being married someday to her latest crush. This is the person she has laughed with and cried with, and all emotions inbetween they have always shared.

I guess when it comes to relationships, you seek out what works for you or sometimes the exact opposite of that. If you are a fighter, you find another fighter. If you are emotional, you either find someone emotional or someone that can comfort you when you become TOO emotional.

Travis and Kelly are just people that take life for what it is, are responsible and practical, don't need to find drama and over excitement to make it through the day, and enjoy one another without looking for what is missing.

Cassie and Skylar are people that live for the drama, the emotion and the chaos of life. They can create it from nothing and commonly do. They need to ride a wave to feel alive, they crave the confusion, need the distraction, and feel restless when things are a bit too quiet.

I fall somewhere inbetween. I am naturally like Cas and Sky, but I strive to be more like Travis and Kelly. I want that smooth sailing, but not so smooth that you can't catch a wave every so often just to jazz things up a bit.


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