Wednesday, September 27, 2006

PMS-The Manic Kind.

Yesterday I started cleaning and doing laundry at 730 am and was still at it at 1030pm. I even washed clean clothes cause they had a few wrinkles and why bother...just wash'em again...

I am just mere days away from paying my monthly bill and this PMS can be very productive. Unfortunately, a day like yesterday is rare and is usually followed by "I am tired as hell, don't ask me to do ANYTHING!!". (Of course this is followed by me explaining in detail everything I did yesterday to audience members that do not care). (Of course this is followed by me telling everyone that I work and work and no one CARES!!).

Brooke did not go to school today. She did not go Monday either because since last Friday's "circus day" she is totally freaked out. I so needed her to go school today, but instead we went shopping and to McDonald's for breakfast. Then, upon the teacher's suggestion, we sat and waited for her classmates to be released. Then they took her to her classroom and gave her their little craft projects from Monday and today to complete at home. Then the little neighbor girl came over and they screamed and fussed over all the toys, she took Brooke's crackers, Brooke cried, the girl left, then she cried some more and come to think of it...she is still crying.

I have darts tonight and, though, I should see it as a GIANT break and a way to escape this just seems like something I have to do and I already told you all, "Don't ask me to do ANYTHING!!"


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