Friday, February 09, 2007


My computer, after several abusive "use" hours from Cassie while I was at work and she had school cancellations, is not working so well. It freezes often, boots me and constantly brings up the same website over and over. I have tried to clean it up, but with no luck at all.

It is making me mad, so I avoid it since playing games is no fun if you get booted half way in and lose rating points.

We met with the realtor yesterday and as in most situations in our lives, and by "most" I mean "all", I had to do all the talking and take care of everything. Bob just sits back and nods his head occasionally. I imagine he secretly hopes no one will ask anything of him. The strange thing was, the only conversation happening was between me and the realtor and the realtor started every sentence with "Well, Bob, ya know....", which I found extremely bizarre.

I was shocked by a trick pen at the store last night and then given the wrong cigarettes and that little gothic, clumped eyeliner beotch is on my list now. When I got home and saw I had the wrong ones, Bob said he would run back down and get the right ones. I'm still not sure why and what he wants from me.

He said he told her she had given me Winston Ultra Lights instead of Winston Lights and she was all, "Then she should not have asked for "Ultra Lights". (you little tramp!!) He responded with, "She didn't, and has smoked Winston Lights since she started and I KNOW she did not ask for Ultras". Then he went into some figures about how long I have been smoking and how long he has known me, both quite exaggerated, and left.

Brooke is becoming a little repeat and a big boss. She tells me how to do everything and when to do it. She just walked in to tell me that Cassie eats everything, doesn't listen to her parents and needs to go live at the brat house. She is so serious and is looking at me as though it is up to me to act on all this immediately. I am not trying to have a three year old run my life, and I really need to get this girl in check with who is really running the show around here (Who am I kidding??), but I am going to look into this "brat house" thing.

I need to go to the store now, since I have avoided the big shopping trip for over a week. It is just too cold to be out there loading and unloading groceries and the employees either shock me with a pen or call me a grandma...I mean, who can blame me? But I need to go now and get some food for this house. Brooke said!


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