Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas in Pictures

Our little angel for her Christmas show.

We had a really nice Christmas, even though I feared I would be in the nuthouse before they started opening gifts. Christmas-too stressful!!

Brooke had a wonderful time and we may need an extra room for all her goodies!

Ryan tried to avoid the pictures, but if I fail once.......

I will always try again...........

What bothers me is why his sweatshirt changed in less than a five minute span. It actually freaks me out alittle.

Travis was his usual "whatever" self, but seemed please with his gifts..especially the green papers with presidents on them.
After all the excitement the sissies posed for a framable, living room wall picture.......

Mostly because it is hard to get all three together in one place.

I will post some fun New Year's pictures tomorrow, though the ones of us doing a kicking routine while laying on the kitchen floor did not turn out..NOT ONE OF "EM!! That had to take a lot of prayer from all involved...but I really did want to see them.

I had a dental trauma yesterday. And that is all I 'm gonna say about that.

I just wish I had those kitchen floor pics....damn!


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