Saturday, December 02, 2006

Drunk Dialing

I have learned a valuable lesson. Several, actually.

Old people should not play quarters, but more importantly, should never play quarters with a cell phone on the table. I sort of forgot about the cell phone thing til I was left a message from SIL from hell at 445am that said "Why you dialin' my number at 3 am when I had to be at work at 5am. I don't do that shit to you!" Judging from the time, the call did not wake her up and judging from the second statement, she is even more out of touch than I ever imagined, cause she is not only the queen of unwanted calls in the middle of the night, but she keeps it ringing for a good hour til she finally gives up.

Then I am woken up at about 9 by the cell phone ringing but the shock of my brain being squeezed out of my skull left me unable to respond in time to answer it. I managed to stumble over and listen to a voice mail from my brother, "Yeah, I can see how people drunk dialing at 3 am would still be in bed, call me idiots".

I signed online a few minutes ago and saw an email from S. about a middle of the night call and voice mail from Bob. And just for the record, I did not make the calls, but I do remember something about egging them on after they started, I could be mistaken. Prolly not, though.

I called Ryan a few times too. He was at a Christmas sweater party and drove home Wednesday, mostly to get a sweater from my mom,I think. She gave him one of hers that was covered in little presents, santas, and little girls with braided, yellow yard hair that hung off the sweater. It was more like a shrug on him so she gave him a tight, ribbed red turtleneck to complete the outfit. I learned that he was still at the party and still wearing the sweater at 245am. I also learned that he thought the first call was funny, the third, not so much.

Most important, I have learned that 39 year old people's hangovers linger for days possibly and I have a full weekend and I must be a total nutcase and that I suck at gambling, cause I also tried my luck at the Downs, and that now I have to make several calls of shame to explain my part in the bad behavior. Definitely, too old for this shit.


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