Thursday, November 30, 2006

Injured List

I knew that sleeping on the couch would get me sooner or later, especially our new couch that makes it feel like you are slanting towards the floor. It is not long enough for my body and the back pillows are too fluffy and in the way.

A few nights ago I started waking up in pain and then searching the house for a place to sleep. Brooke usually ends up in the bedroom with Bob, but maybe she is learning how someone snoring, rolling up in all the covers and breathing like the elephant man make for a tough slumber. This meant, my back up sleep area, her room, was out. The futons in the rec room are too hard and hurt my hips and I realized that I am stuck on the couch forever, possibly.

This is very bad because I woke up yesterday with a sore neck, which turned into an inability to turn my neck to the right at all by 4pm. I then started having pain that traveled from my neck to my right shoulder and arm. Lifting my arm caused shooting pains through neck, shoulder and down top of 8pm the arm was no longer working and from positioning of the bum arm, started going numb and tingling.

I , again, ended up on couch last night for lack of any alternatives and have ruined my body forever and forever. I'm sure of it. I tossed and turned the whole night trying to get into any position that did not kill my neck and arm, which was not possible, got very little sleep and woke up with pain that was worse and now bad back pain too!!!! (Which I totally blame the pain in the neck for...not Bob, but the actual pain in neck. But then he did not offer to give me the bed because his sleep is more important than anyone else's and he "just requires more than the average person", okay, I blame both pains in the neck).

I have to work Saturday for like a gazillion straight hours, well 10, but it requires arm movement and turning of the neck, so now I am all freaked out that I will be all annoying with my shooting pain and my 5000 "ouches" when someone talks to me from the right and I forget about how turning it makes me scream, "Ouch!!".

I did get, from MBGFB, a cozy pair of flannel jammies that I am quite pleased with, a nice visit and Ryan came home for a few hours in the afternoon and was in a really funny all was not horrible.

Brooke is sick AGAIN with allergy type stuff and a fever, so I see a doctor visit in my plans for the day and I imagine I will be using search engines to look up things like "Help, my neck hurts", "OUCH, my neck!!!", and "Remedies for breathing like the elephant man".


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