Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Weekend in Review

Friday: Cramps, irritabilty, making food for Ohio State game. General whininess and misery.

Saturday: Cramps turning by evening to OMG, my back is broken and my ankles are swollen and so sore, can barely walk...Game, acting like I am not in pain, entertaining others, preparing food for others, leaving others in rec room watching game as I fall face first into bed and snooze a bit before work at 9pm. Go to work and pray for police raid so as I can just go home and whine comfortably about my back and ankles...doesn't happen.

Sunday: Go to bed so, so late, wake up way, way too early, go back to bed, wake back up, rinse and repeat til 10 am. Check ankles and right one is green and bluish, hurts BAD, try and stretch back, fear I may never be able to move normally again, start self-loathing over why I am such a disease and then off to bedroom for a lazy, lay around, clicking through channels kind of day. Sent Bob and the girls away to the store for a break and to fetch me some much needed PMS minus the P chocolate. Currently waiting on chocolate,must lay back down and hoping that the chocolate will make it all better. Just as chocolate should.


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