Saturday, October 28, 2006

Worthless Rambling.........

I have been working on the house everyday, between thinking about the house every minute and if it will sell or if it will sit there forever unoccupied.

The guy laying the carpet was highly interested in the house and took a tour and I was all excited til he said SOME very bad words..."LAND CONTRACT!!".

I went to the game last night where it rained and was freezing, but was all worth it when Prince and his friends joined the tailgate party and brought back some of the best memories ever. We got our asses kicked, and at halftime the party was cheering "Ryan , Ryan, Ryan!!", cause they wanted him to suit up and save the game....still the hometown hero, yet still getting screwed at W&J.

I want to make shirts for the last game for the entire family that say, "
My son was (picture of screw)'ed at W&J ". With my parents wearing one that says Grandson, Uncles and Aunts wearing one with get the idea. I think the prospective recruits should see the real deal....donate big bucks or ride the oak.

I am getting so bitter in my almost 40's.

Tonight is the Halloween party and I have nothing to wear. As a child my mom always bought me a witch costume, cause she said I already had the ratty dark hair and junk,but as years pass and my new bitter thing emerges, I could just wear my regular clothes and go as a witch......I need something different. I may go costume hunting and if that fails, I will just go as a miserable, worn out, had enough of everything bitch from hell...a.k.a. ...myself.


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