Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One FLU over the Cuckoo's Nest

Brooke is sick, has been sick since Friday night and is still sick. Sick, sick, sick. High fever and now, a stuffy, alternating runny nose thingy. She pointed at her nose this morning, crying, "Dis don't work, dis stuck.".

So, we start the cold and flu season with a bang...YAY!!

Her fever has been quite high and from much experience with kids and fevers and flus and colds and pukey-itises, I started thinking day five on a fever seems a bit long. They usually have the fever thing two days, three days tops. She will not eat at all and just spends most of the day crying in my bed, her bed, or on the couch. She will see her doctor at one this afternoon and that is good for two reasons, first, maybe they can make my angel feel better and second, maybe they can stop my sure spin into insanity from all the crying.

It has gone something like this... Day One- "Oh, sweetie, you are so hot. Mommy hold you." Day Two- "My baby still doesn't feel good, awwwwwwww, mommy hugs." Day Three-"It is okay, princess, don't cry, Mommy is here." Day Four-(Me with "in shock and worn out look). "Okay, honey, crying will only make it worse, you will be okay". Day Five-"Take your medicine and please, please, please, stop cryingggggggggg" (I run to different floor to let out long growl and recollect).

I have learned one thing about myself in all this...I am only good for about three days of someone else's illness, then I'm ready for several shots of tequila, a nanny and possibly a long rest at a lovely mental hospital.

To make matters worse, Travis was all cranky and no one can ever do enough for him and he verbalized that often , and Cassie was in major PMS mode and all her loud ranting was intensified by the crying, non-stop weeping in the background.

I would like to be fitted for my new straight jacket now. Do you have anything in blue? It brings out my eyes.


Blogger Haley-O said...

You can borrow my straight-jacket....I use it all the time, especially when pregnant, and when the monkey's nose gets "stuck" ;).

I hope everyone feels better soon!!!

10:00 PM  

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