Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Photo Evidence

I was looking at pictures when I found this one from a college formal. I had just turned 19 years old and I noticed a weird thing about pictures of myself. I always look the same to me. Maybe it is some middle age denial, but I don't look at that and think, "Wow, I was just a baby back then..look how young I look!".

To anyone else, they would see the difference and how I have aged, just as I look at pictures of my parents from when I was in school and think how I do not remember them ever looking that young.

BUT THEN!! My theory was blown when I found this picture taken this past April, exactly 20 years later... and did the unthinkable...placed them side by side!! Oh, the cruelness of it all!

Now, I was NEVER one to take a good picture. Cameras are not my friend and never have been, but besides the fact that I always look really different and out of proportion to myself in photos, there is no mistaking what happened in this picture. I GOT OLDER!! I LOOK OLDER!! OMG, WHO IS THAT???

I even found a picture that was taken right inbetween, well, close, 9 years ago in 1997 at a steakfry.

So, we have 1986, 1997 and 2006 and there is no denying it now. I'm not aging quite as gracefully as I had hoped I was and, you know, that hurts. Really hurts.

Now I have spent the morning thinking about bangs and if that is the key to looking younger, or could it be big hair and high bangs? Is it my long hair, and I am too old for such long hair, that is messing me up? Or could it be all that plus, spending the last several years in a worried face frown, being too stressed too often and 20 years passing? Either way, I feel PMS coming on and I just did not need to see this all today.

I am going to go roll in a ball now and cry like a baby and jump head first into "the midlife crisis from hell" for an "older woman" that is going to turn 40 next year. FOR!! TEE!!!

And to the snotty, young checkout people at Kroger's....please, just for a few months, do me a favor....STOP CALLING ME MA'AM!!!


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