Friday, November 03, 2006

I Ain't Sayin Imma Gold Digger...

I remember when I was young and one of my best friend's mom's would always be all, "This guy you're dating....what are his future plans..what does he intend to do with his life.... is a college education in the future...what sort of income level does his family fall in to... seriously, what is his future potential???".

We thought she was so whacked at the time. I mean, geeze, I am 16 and my future plans stopped past the "I am definitely planning on kissing him and if things work out, possibly letting him touch my boobs over my sweater". Also, in the 80's, we were all about taking care of ourselves. We could be the doctors and lawyers and have kids and a mansion and be able to do it all. I mean, "I am WOMAN, hear me roar and shit. We were dumb like that.

Now I see the massive importance in those questions. Once those babies start coming, you don't wanna be working 60 hours a week, bringin' home the bacon, fryin' it up in a pan and never, never letting him forget he's a man. (They left out the kids in that one and the fact that man worshipping was so 1950's).

You start even looking at your son's romantic interests and hoping they pick a well-adjusted, career-minded, level-headed, mentally stable, intelligent, college bound, full of potential gal...... you know, the thing Mom thought she was and totally was not.

A part of me still wants to be all those things and a part of me wants to be "taken care of", as in, makes lots of money and take all my worries away while I raise your kids, keep the place fairly clean and put in 15 hours of shopping a week. All of a sudden, none of that seems too much to ask. That whole "I am Woman" thing, yeah, I am so over that.

Even making the lots of money part isn't as important as make enough to not have to struggle, be able to take a few vacations here and there, go to bed at night knowing no one is going to call about late payments and just enjoy life without having to merely survive it.

The problem with that silly idea, I think that came in the 70's, that love can conquer all, is not realistic. If you fall in love with the gas station attendant, cause he looks so hot and has that really cute butt and damn, can he kiss good, you think that the love will make it all worth it. You nobly state that you would rather be with the man you love than have all the money in the world. And, hell, you can work too. Then you have gas station attendant jr and responsibilites and urges to be with your kids that you never dreamed would be so giant. You're exhausted and overwhelmed. All of a sudden the gas guy is just a lazy, worthless man ruining your chance at happiness. Enter resentment and did he ever really kiss that good anyway??

So, I believe what used to be called a gold digger is just a really smart woman using sense beyond her years. Unless, of course, she goes after an old, wrinkly 90 year old millionaire that may be on his way out. Cause, ewwwwwww. Girls need to look ahead like that. Life is not fair, epsecially as a girl, because you will statistically have 80% of the responsibility concerning your kids and your house. Sure, men think they help, but between you and I, it ain't all that much and they get so much credit for so little. Totally not fair.

Trust me, gals, take your time, ask those questions and realize that a guy with potential can learn to kiss good too.


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