Monday, November 27, 2006


I wrote more mean letters to Ryan's coaches and got a response this time. Some letter about how they want him to stay and it would be a great loss to the W&J football team. How, I am not sure, cause if he is such "an outstanding athlete", why is he on the sidelines and how is that a loss??

Hate 'em!!

I remember when I used to be a lover and not a fighter. I treasure those 15 minutes of my life.

I just feel angry right now and anger has nowhere to go but deeper inside where it eats you alive. I know this and yet cannot stop it from happening at the moment. I'm mad about the Ryan situation, my situation, the kid's situations, and just about everything else. This too shall pass and hopefully VERY soon.

Brooke is in a very good mood today, which is helping considerably. She is singing with the Wonder Pets and giggling. It is almost 2pm and not one hairy fit yet!! That almost makes up for the entire, large cappachino that I spilled on my bedroom carpet that is still lurking there under a large towel I threw on it. Bob spotted the towel, came in all disgusted like and said, "Did SOMEONE spill SOMETHING on the carpet??!!??".

Long claws grew from my fingernails, fangs came out and the most evil look had to be on my face as I said, "YES.....I DID". He backed up slowly, his demeanor went from one of disgust to one of fear and he let out a very "cool with him, I am not starting anything, we all make mistakes, it is fine, greater than fine, perfectly wonderful",


He can be very intelligent when you least expect it.

So, I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon pampering myself with a total body, skin exfoliation, that has nothing to do with Cassie saying, "Your skin looks all shiny and scaly and like, old".


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