Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks and No Thanks

To all my friends and family I want to say have a wonderful holiday and I hope you know how much each and every one of you mean to me.

Thanks to my long distances friends (B. and L.) for the wonderful trips down memory lane whenever we talk and how it seems like no time has passed at all. No thanks for leaving me back here in the land of no opportunity!

Thanks to K. (MBGFB) for being you and not only understanding everything I go through, but for being 100% on my side, always supporting me and just for all the times when we hang out around the house doing nothing. No thanks for helping me think up that hot fudge ice cream cake idea, that I had again last night and am developing a few extra rolls. Cake. Bad.

Thanks to S. for helping me see the other side of things, how comical it all can be and for being my H word partner, what a pain in the ass. No thanks for sending me that blog, cause, damn, that shit tore me up.

Thanks J. for listening to all my crap on a daily basis and still actually wanting to talk to me. I couldn't make it without ya. No thanks for not finding my credit card and making me walk around all day looking for circular things with junk hanging down. (HeHe).

Thanks to R and AhJ for being the laugh I always need. No thanks for the smothered chicken recipe which I now refer to as "IBS chicken".

To my kids, Ryan, Travis, Cassie and Brooke...Thanks for being my babies and making me proud. And thanks for always making life exciting and no thanks for always making life a little too exciting at times.

Ditto that for my entire family.

Happy Turkey Day all!!!!


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