Sunday, December 24, 2006


So, as usual, I open my mouth with the threat of "If ANYONE has seen those and if she is humiliating me, our limited relationship will be so over!". I tell this to my mom on the phone this afternoon.

I arrive at my mom's for dinner tonight and she asked me, all tight-lipped, where my purse was and then walks out of room to find it. She is carrying pictures.
I say nothing.
Sis walks in, an hour late, as usual, and says (in front of the zillion people in the kitchen), "Here are the negatives, psycho and I ripped up the copies I had at my house". I so am thinking she didn't still. I replied, "Thanks and thanks for announcing it in the presence of EVERYONE". I smiled and walked into the dining room.

Then my mom says, in private to me later, "She had doubles and she did rip up her set. I thought my set were in my purse and spent half the afternoon trying to find them....huff....they were in my mail holder". (Okay are they saying HER set and MY set?????)

Then my mom again tells me how they were not, like ,naked or anything and that she was going to use her set (she said HER set again!!) to make me a cute little album and how funny she thought it would be and I am SOOOOOOOO sensitive, yada yada, yada.
Sis comes back in to once again announce in front of people that they were not that long ago, cause she had pictures ,before and after, that were all from April. I say they are years old and drop it there. It does not take a genius to see that they are at my old home, that I moved out of before April...her theory is blown and I am not about to spend anymore time making this the main topic of conversation.
My brother walks in right before I am getting ready to leave and someone makes a joke about him, I laugh and he looks at me and say "Oh, okay , lets talk about........". My mom whisks him off to the kitchen, there is whispering and he never finishes his sentence. Yup, they showed EVERYBODY, just as I suspected!

I am willing to share the top half of the photo, but not the bottom which features a chunky gut and some upper thigh, I almost feel as though I have to show that part too..............................
Quite honestly, I feared they were much worse than they actually were, and they were pretty bad, but not completely "kill me now". Close, though.
I wish it was over now, but I still have this nagging feeling that the ones she "ripped up" will appear again in my future. Actually, I have no doubt about that at all. I, also, know they were viewed by other family members and just ewwwwwwwwwww.
The only good thing I can say is I have lots of practice with having completely humiliating things done to me by my family and then, them telling me I am just too sensitive when I protest. So, this is good practice for the rest of my life, when they get drunk and torture me over it again and again, or decide to tell stories at holiday dinners about it, or make a poster of the copies my sis still has for my birthday.
Yeah, this is far from over.......................


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