Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bitterness, Bikinis and Meatballs.

I slept until 11 this morning. I was the first one up.

Lets review this.....

I, who sleep an average of 2-5 hours per night, slept until 11 this morning. I did not go to bed until 2am, after being up all but an hour or so on Christmas Eve, but my calculations put me at NINE hours of sleep!!

I remember the phone ringing at 830 this morning and being surprised I had even slept that long as I rolled over and went right back to sleep. It was only the second call at 11:02 am that woke me, yet again. So, potentially I could have slept even longer! Finally, my Christmas miracle!

Nobody else was up yet. Bob was still sleeping from his exhausting Christmas activity of vacuuming the carpet yesterday, after I nagged him off the couch he had spent most of this week on, and all the kids, including Brooke, who was playing with her Dora house until 145am last night, were still slumbering, peacefully.

All that non-stop activity of mine must have really tired them all out. I never realized how sleepy it makes others to watch someone else do all the work. Poor babies....

Bitter anyone??

It is just my post-Christmas rant which, for extra fun, includes some highly embarrassing photos, but it probably will not end there....

But, seriously, everyone had a really nice Christmas and got everything they wanted, aside from me, who is wishing that Travis would not go get the tattoo that he and his friends all agreed to get as a lifelong symbol of their friendship. He made the appointment for 230 this afternoon and I tried, again last night, to talk him out of it and it only seems to make him more determined.

They are all getting the Chinese symbol for friendship as unity, but all putting that into a unique tattoo of their own choice to signify their individuality. It is well thought out in theory, it sounds as mature as a lifelong blotch of ink on the skin can possibly sound, until you see what Travis has decide on for his main tattoo.

A meatball!! On his shoulder.

Yes, I said MEATBALL!

Meatwad from Adult Swim will forever be on my son's shoulder unless I can think of some way to convince him otherwise in the next hour!! I may tell him how totally cool it would be and nothing would make me more happy then for him to get this tattoo and that I have never been more proud......that would certainly make him want to NOT do it....but, he'll never buy it!

Doomed again...first the pictures, now the tattoo....

Is it 2007 yet, cause 2006 is wrapping up real sucky-like??!!??


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