Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just Stuff

Travis did get the tattoo. I showed up to offer my support since, after they decide it is going to happen, there is nothing left to do but be there for somebody.

It doesn't look bad and Ryan, who was highly opposed, wanted one as soon as he saw how cool it turned out. I do not see that happening, though. First, cause it costs money and second, cause he passed on his own class tattoo. Remember when we used to just have memory books that your friends signed??

Brooke is still freaking about her birthday, which will not be here until April. I told her her birthday was after Christmas, not knowing that translated to "immediately after opening your gifts on Christmas Day" to a three year old. As she cried about where was her cake and her beautiful birthday dress, I worked overtime trying to correct the wording.

I do not even want to think about the trauma this will all cause her next weekend on Cassie's birthday, then Ryan's at the end of the month.

Tomorrow night we are having a New Year's Eve party and I have mixed feelings about the whole ordeal because I have been trying to decide for three days now whether I am sick or not. I feel very non-specifically unwell. It is either the stress from Christmas or a true living virus. Whatever is behind it, I am all out of sorts. Being undecided on the actual cause, only makes it worse.

I have two more unemployment checks before we hit even further down on the financial disaster scale. That is weighing on my mind a lot and I just want to run away from home and pretend this last 20 years was all just a dream, assuming I could still have all my children.

The only good part is that the worse you do during the year pays off big at tax return time. Of course with all my kids getting older that child credit thing went from from 5 last year to 2 this year...that will leave a mark. Not a pretty one, for sure.

I entered a psychotic cleaning phase yesterday and plan on continuing with it today. It started as a "straightening up" thing and turned into a full top to bottom scrub, cleaning out closets, doing laundry from 1pm to 1am and finally ended with me watching over the clean areas to bitch at anyone that touched anything. Ryan, of course, came home from the game with like twelve friends and I sat upstairs listening for noises that may indicate "messing up" all my work.

When I woke up bright and early this morning, I started on more laundry and did a quick check of the rec room. Not so bad, just a few empty cans of pop and some glasses. I can live with that. It usually is much worse and looks more like a hurricane went though as pictures are all crooked, furniture is out of place, snack food is all over the floor and sticky spills are everywhere. I'm very pleased.

I still don't feel good though, but I plan on either jumping into the sick theory or just declaring insanity and calling it a day. I should know soon.


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