Monday, March 13, 2006

Blah , Blah , Blah

So tired of working on the new house, but more tired of talking about working on the new I could talk for thirty minutes about the cleaning of the old house, the dead insects you find in the windows, the dust bunnies you never noticed in dark corners or the pennies, all the flippin' pennies you find, well EVERYWHERE! But, I don't wanna. I have been doing some unusual stuff, like falling asleep at 1030pm. As much as I detest people that fall asleep that early and like it, I actually liked it a teeny, tiny bit cause, like, when you wake up at 630am, you aren't as tired as when you fall asleep at 3am. Neat, huh? Bob is on my last nerve, but to keep things fair, I am on his too. We both have about a zillion things to do and one of us always has to have Brooke along for the job...lately it has been I am extra cranky. ( Am I talking about something to do with the house? Shoot me now, please.) I'm hopeless.


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