Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Move is Complete, the Backache is Unending..

We are officially moved in. Most things are put away where they belong,the rest is piled up on the back patio and needs a "Sanford and Son" sign. It looks quite scary out there and I am sure the neighbors appreciate it. We will get to it this week. I said many times during the move that I felt like I was trying to put 50 gallons of water into a 20 gallon tank. Pitching out 30 gallons is not an easy task. Before we moved we got rid of about half of our crap and now we need to go thru what we thought we must keep and get rid of at least 50% more. Yawnnnnnnn.

It really is starting to take shape. The furniture was delivered yesterday, minus one back-ordered loveseat and I have gotten a few little things here and there for decorations...I need more, but that will take time and hours of shopping around, which should seem like fun, but right now, feels like another chore. So, in time, it will get finished.

We will complete Cassie's room, hopefully, by this weekend or next. I started priming the new walls last night, but my back would not cooperate and I had to leave it til I was in less pain, or, in others words, maybe never. I may have to call in a back-up painter if things don't improve with my back, cause I know there is no one in this house I would trust with a paint brush.

The house is already starting to feel like home. I am not sure if that is because since we lived here it has been a never-ending stream of visitors, family, friends, and utility guys, but it definitely has that chaotic feeling now that we lovingly refer to as "being home again". Strangely enough, we really do love that. It was like that in my home growing up, in my home now and I imagine it will be that way in my children's home someday as well. We crave chaos, noise and insanity, it is genetic.

Now, I just can't wait to walk upright again, without limping and without being all bent over and in excruciating pain.


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