Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things I Have Learned

Most of us have seen the "things I have learned" e-mail, this is my version...............

Things I have learned:

That sometimes help is too much help and saying,"no" is sometimes the most supportive and loving thing you can do for someone else.

That life isn't fair. Trying to make it fair, even with the best of intentions, makes life, not only, STILL, not fair, but miserable too.

That replacing resentment and anger towards the wrongs that have been done to you, with forgiveness and acceptance for the other person, is the best thing you can do for YOU.

That being the bigger person in most any situation usually makes you the happier person too.

That when life goes to hell, friends make it heaven again.

That learning never stops and sometimes the best lessons come later than you expected.

That everyone that ever entered into my life, whether good or bad, taught me something about myself and changed my life, often for the better.

That I can be in the best company in a crowd, lonely by myself... or vice versa.

That life is speckled with bad things so that we can recognize the good things and truly appreciate them.

That you have to suffer to get stronger, go threw pain to get well and cry it out to be happy again. Bad times are just a better you under construction.

That, after a passing, the one that cries the loudest is doing much better than the one taking it remarkably well.

That the way people love varies and that I have to be open enough to accept love differently than I give it or expect to receive it.

That correcting, criticizing, or insulting someone with the purpose of helping is not only unnecessary, annoying and thoughtless, but extremely unhelpful.

That our kids teach us so much about ourselves. Watching mini-me's making the same mistakes you did helps you to see the error of your own ways.

That I can see, understand and fix other people's issues, but when it comes to mine, I'm legally blind.

That under-reacting to everything is always better than over-reacting, for you and everyone around you, too.

That men are not as bad as they seem when you realize they are wired completely different and that they don't "get us" either.


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