Monday, April 10, 2006

Not Gettin' My Groove Back.

For the months that it took to get the houses ready to either move out of or move into, I have been focused on nothing else. I can't remember the last time I went out to dinner or went out on a weekend to have a good time. It continues here as we work on Cassie's new room and get caught up on projects in every room of the house. My back-ordered loveseat is coming today, which will certainly force me to have to move junk around. Our couch-potato life is over. I miss it.

Something strange happened since we moved in here. There seems to be endless things to do. It is hard to explain, but the cleaning up is constant. Maybe it is the new house thing, always trying to make it look decent. We are all guilty. Brooke cleans up, Cassie cleans up, Travis was running the vacuum yesterday in the downstairs, it is like a cleaning virus has infected all of us! That should be a good thing, right? Then why the hell do I miss the easy-going, let it pile up til we have to clear a path days?

I never have more than a basket of dirty laundry. With the laundry room right off the rec room, it makes people want to wash clothes. That room almost screams out to you as you sit to watch a program. I still haven't located half of my own clothes since the move, but I know that wherever they are, they are clean.

I'm ready to go back out again with my friends, have a beer and maybe even a hangover. Lay around the next morning, letting things go, watching movies all day and not worrying about cleaning this or washing that. Talking on the phone about going out the night before, reassuring each other that "No, you did NOT make a fool of yourself". I am ready to go to a nice dinner where someone else prepares it, serves it and cleans it up.

It isn't going to be this weekend. I am having the Easter festivities here and the guest list is multiplying like rabbits. We will celebrate Brooke's birthday too. What started at 20 members of my family has now grown to ten more on my side of the family and at least nine on Bob's side. A few friends will be stopping by as well. I am actually looking forward to it though. I love a full house, it makes me feel good.

The following weekend, I am going to go out. I have to go out. I have to stop all this responsible, normal stuff. It is bad and it is the recipe for lonely, depressed housewife syndrome. I do so much better with hangover, guilt-ridden mom once a month. It works for me.


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