Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Week in Bitching.

We made the decision for Bob to take a vacation the week after the weekend we moved. We both worked our asses off for the last six weeks getting this place together and clearing out the old house. I thought it would it make a nice transition and get everyone used to the new house by spending some down time here in the beginning. We could map out our routines a bit and just chill.

Bob, instead, took a side job for the week, every f'in night of the week from 3:30 pm til 8-9pm...did I mention every Sob'in, F'in single night since we moved in??!!?? Don't get me wrong, it was not so much that I missed him or anything as romantic and wonderful as that. It was that he screwed up the routine that matters most...MINE!!

I work from home from 9ish or 10ish til 5 pm daily. While working, I have toddler insanity, work insanity and just my regular old insanity spinning out of comtrol all at the same time. Bob gets home at 345pm, on a non-vacation week. Brooke runs to Daddy to sit and cuddle in front of the TV, thus giving me a chance to get dinner together while finishing the work day...WITHOUT THE SCREAMING TODDLER. Then, after dinner, I have the option to actually leave and get away from my little prison to run to the store or whatever......didn't have that this week. In fact, everyone left to go do what THEY wanted as I was left here too tired to pack Brooke up and actually leave this place.

I did get to go to darts on Wednesday, but not before near nervous breakdown as I tried to look presentable enough to leave the house with Brooke emptying all the drawers in her room and painting a wall with eye shadow. My getting ready experience went something like this...apply foundation, hear a crash, run out calling to Brooke, see drawer on floor, tell her to come help mommy get ready, she declines, go back to bathroom, powder face, hear injury cry, run out again, find Brooke on kitchen floor crying, pick her up, hold her, tell it will be okay, turn on Dora tape, go back to bathroom, start brushing hair, hear more yelling...she wanted to watch Barney, not Dora, change tape, back to bathroom, start on hair again, hear Brooke screaming my name, run to check, she wants me to watch it with her, explain to a 3 year old why I can't, three year old tantrum, hear a door open, see Travis, call for back up, back up fails, decide to go as I am and run the hell out the door.......just your regular day minus the usual yelling as I get ready to Bob, "Can you come get her for like ten minutes??? Please!!!!!!!!", because of course he had that side job that was such a wonderful f'in idea! Asshole.

Life in the new house seems like a lot of unending work for me during the day too, cause now Bob has taken up doing "projects". He will disappear into some room in the house, I will hear drilling sounds, pounding of a hammer, and then three hours later he will call me in, all proud-like, so I can see the new pole he installed for hanging clothes. Ummm..okay....I could have built a walk-in closet with all that time and noise, but whatever...yeah, great.

Even as I write this today, Cassie and Brooke on my bed, right next to me, fighting over pictures. I brought out an old box of photos and every picture Cassie touches, Brooke screams "Gimme MYYYYYYYYYYYY picture!!!!!". Why they are her's I have no idea, but she wins cause I don't feel like hearing the shit. Cassie, being the torment that she is, continues to grab them and say "my picture" so that Brooke can scream and cry even louder. To which I yell," Give her HER pictures!!". She can have anything in the house as long as she stops screaming!!

As, part of the week in bitching, I would also like to complain about the weather. The cold, wet, miserable, ruining my life, weather. I so wanted to start on the patio and let Brooke out to play, but the weather sucks big time. It taunts me, on purpose, I'm sure of it.

Everything and everyone least this week. This week can suck my ass.


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