Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Scales of Life.

If you were optimistic, you would see it as "every cloud has a silver lining", if you are me you see it as quite the opposite or "something good always follows with something bad". Like Newton's third law of motion.."For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction", it seems to cross over into just about everything.

We moved and it isn't that I do not like the house, it is that I miss my old one. It is a good thing in most every way and yet some negative emotion tries to take center stage. Another example, less obvious, happened last night. I went to darts and did not have a few beers as I normally would. I won three games and , like, I never win it was a good thing, but when called upon to "do the catwalk" in a salute to an old friend I could not do it in a sober state. No beer equals better darts, but it also equals no buzz and no courage. (it is that 80's thing again, we use beer to be "fun" and, well, damn, it is a hard habit to break)

Think of an emotion as pure and wonderful as love. The same love that can take you to higher places can also break your heart. The sun can lift your spirits, give you a healthy glow of tan, warm the day, but it can also burn you and give you sun poisoning with oozing blisters. The same child that fills you will pride can bring you to tears. The better the emotion, the bigger the opposite reaction.

It isn't just emotional things either. The best tasting food is always the worst for you, exercising causes soreness, cigarettes cause cancer, and shopping makes you broke. All good, enjoyable things, all with terrible downfalls.....the scales that tip in your favor always even out with a quickness.

I guess it is the whole moderation thing people speak about..."everything in moderation", but that doesn't always work. Sometimes you have to be too emotional, eat an extra gob of icing, drink alittle too much, and do things that are just bad for you. Sometimes the good part is worth the bad and sometimes you have no choice in the matter.

Life is totally a balencing act. Each second you try and draw out the good to keep from falling apart. Every once in a while you do feel like you are tipping the scales, but reality always adjusts them back for you. Reality sucks.


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