Thursday, April 06, 2006

Botox in the Stream

You gotta know when to lift 'em,
know when to tuck 'em
Know when to inject 'em
And know when to NOT!!!!

Holy Shit. I am still freaking out about Kenny Rogers. I searched "Kenny Rogers, facelift" and found I am not alone in the horror. That if it was not for hearing his voice, you would not know this was even him. Others are shocked and freaked out too.

Kenny, you are not a chick, line and wrinkles are "character" on a guy, for Christ's sake! Rugged, weather-worn, leather-like skin, they are all perfectly acceptable for a guy, even sexy!

This is Kenny Rogers....
The salt and pepper looking coloring of his hair and beard, the dark, thick brows, the texture of a normal looking face. He traded that for this????????

Oh, Kenny, you hurt me bad. Leave the tight-skinned, botox look for Joan Rivers. Bad, Kenny, very bad.

Okay, so I am not even a giant Kenny fan, though I did see his Chrsitmas show this year, but the ruining of a perfectly good face, it makes me mad. I am not even sure why, but, damn, I'm pissed.

Plastic surgery might be useful in obtaining a younger looking you, but when YOU are no longer recognizable, it went wrong.

I'll shut up now, but, geezeeeeeeeeeeeee, why, Kenny, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy????


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