Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Finally, Some B-day Pics.

A month and a half later, one set is developed and the other set, I'm sure is lost forever in the move. Fortunately, this is the more sober of the two.

Okay, there are definitely too many candles on this cake, I demand a recount...... as I remove a few while y'all do that.

Okay, I will wear the silly mask too, but just til I blow out the candles and I will hold it in place, only!"

"Please fetch the powder, thy royal neck is getting itchy!"

"All this, for moi????"

"Oh, its for mommy....WHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

" I rarely, drink or smoke. "

"And I NEVER kiss guys while under the influence!"

Ahhhhhhh Joey, on the left. "I'm sick of posing for pictures, when can we start shakin' our tail feathers?"

Right after this one....


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