Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Confessions of a Reality Junkie.

(Sovereign 7,minus Michael)
I don't watch them ALL or anything, but I do get quite addicted to a few that I will come out of the closet on. I am addicted to Real World/Road Rules challenges. The Gauntlet 2 just wrapped up on MTV and I was there from episode one to the final show of cast bashing one another. They are such a group of self-promoting, self-humiliating ho's, that I just can't seem to get enough of and I love to watch all the strong personalities clash, the bizarre "hook-ups" and the crazy fights.

Big Brother. Big Brother is very, very bad for me. I was so caught up in last season that I actually purchased the livefeed and sat to the wee hours of the night watching these people locked up in a house, listening to stupid conversations, switching from one camera to another and chatting with other addicts all the while. I jumped up and down when The Sheep got their's and I cheered for anything good that happened to the Sovereign 7. I was so into this reality that I was losing touch with mine! Yes, very, very bad for me. "What up, Kaysar!!" and "Bye, bye bitches" became part of my vocabulary and I even took to yelling it at the TV screen. Thank God, the season ended and any intervention needed to rescue me was unecessary. I seriously think watching that again could be bad news for me.....but, knowing me, I will anyway.

I watch" The Apprentice", but this year it is not capturing my attention as it has in the past. With Bryce being fired this week, I am pretty much done. I am just not seeing a standout leader that I am really pulling for this year and the one possibility just left. So, whatever, Donald, you're fired!

"American Idol" is also a buzz kill for me this season. I love Taylor Hicks and I do tune in to see what he will do next, but the others, though there are some pretty good singers, just aren't doin' it for me this year. I still tune in weekly or borrow a tape to see what happened when I miss it playing darts, but the old excitement is gone. Oh, and last night, Kenny Rogers, umm...what happened to his face? A good example of plastic surgery gone bad? His eyebrows looked better in Texas, now he has them pulled up into Maine and damn, it scary!

With the countless reality shows on, four addictions are not so bad. Especially since two of the four are not even "must watches" anymore. But soon Big Brother 7 will appear and some asshole will infuriate me, I will totally cheer for the other alliance and damn, it will be all over for me...again. WOW..I can hardly wait!!


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