Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sum-buddy saw da EEE-ser Bunny Today.

We took Brooke to see the Easter Bunny at a little event they had at the Rec Center. A little event that brings greedy little brats who learned well from their greedy, big, free-loading, no class parents.

Can you take a guess on....if something pissed me off or not?

Because it rained, the event had to be held inside. Plastic eggs with treats, coupons for a free frosty or a prize number were scattered in different rooms for the various ages. Brooke was put with the 1-2 year olds because she is three days shy of 3...PLUUUUU-ease!

Let me tell you a little about the 1 and 2 year old room. It included a little girl that was just about a year old. I had no problem with her, it was her mom and grandmother that I wanted to slap with a big ,honkin' carrot. These crazy b*tches leave the room with not one shopping bag, but two, overflowing with plastic eggs. It wasn't about the cute,little girl picking up HER eggs, in fact they were not aware of her, obviously, as they stole eggs from small toddlers. After their seize and attack on the room, Brooke had about ten eggs to their hundreds.

Every single egg Brooke picked up, every last one of her ten little eggs, had a frosty coupon in it. Briona had all candy treats in her's. Brooke was looking at the little purple coupons like "What the hell. Where my candy, people??"

We then went to the gym for lunch, with the easter bunny, where anyone that got a ticket with a number could claim their prize at that time. The prizes where giant stuffed animals, big easter baskets filled with toys and candy, and one bike for the lucky winner. Those evil egg hogs were at the table right in front of us with three winning tickets! They got a giant purple unicorn, a big, white stuffed bear( and I am not talking cheap, carnival stuffed animals, but pretty, soft, enormous ones) and a giant easter basket.

Again, Brooke got ten coupons for a free frosty. Next year, Mamaw is soooooooooo coming with us, and possibly four of my closest friends. Brooke WILL get a PRIZE!!! This is war!!


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