Wednesday, April 11, 2007

41 Mouths to Feed and Nail Glue

Our Easter/Brooke's birthday gathering was probably against fire code. There were 41 people total, but at times I swear there were 61 in the kitchen as I tried to maneuver about to get the food out. Of this number, eight were girls under 10.

It is amazing that grandchild 1,2 and 3 were boys and, when I was next to deliver number 4, I think we all had thoughts of dresses and baby dolls. Our dream came true five times and we have recently added three more by way of my brother's new family. I have mixed feelings on what to hope for with their child due in October. Frankly, I just am curious to see what an Eddie baby will look like and how it may act. A boy would be nice, but then he will have no one to relate to in the sea of girls. I guess we just hope for healthy and either way, I can't wait to have another baby in the family...maybe it will cure my aching, psychotic, you cannot EVEN have another one, uterus.

When it came time to open presents, the one 4 year old and three 3 year olds ripped into the bags and gift boxes like a tornado in a trailer park. I thanked everyone for whatever they may have brought, as I still have no idea what anyone got Brooke, other than myself. I would like to take back the thank you's on the play-doe, 120 memory game cards, and craft set that included a big bottle of glue that she used to coat the entire top of her play table. Also, retracting the thank you's on the extra candy included in everything, cause it was, like, an Easter theme and aren't people clever to think of including candy, so she vomitted up nerds and other assorted sugary treats all last night and missed her school birthday party today.

Her birthday party ended with a bang as well. She got to take a trip to the ER at 9:30 Easter night. She complained that afternoon of an ear ache and Cassie's nail glue looked like ear drops to her. She was very proud when she inserted the super glue in her ear and upon looking up what to do online, all info pointed to SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. Even when we called the doctor on call(HMO rules) he was all "GO NOW!!!". Luckily, for her, the glue is fast drying and only got as far as the opening to her ear. They told us trying to get it off of the outer ear, cheek and hair might pull off her skin and to just let it wear off over the next few days. I brought the bottle with me and they were impressed with her recognition skills in " looks like ear drops" sightings.

My birthday party throwing duties are now officially over until November.


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